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Speaking of the narrative

That ‘far-right’ gunman shooting Jewish people in France has suddenly turned into sudden Jihad syndrome.

Also, it’s reported he used a World War II 11.43 gun. Any ideas?

11 Responses to “Speaking of the narrative”

  1. Kevin Baker Says:

    I’ve seen it described elsewhere as a “Colt .45”. I suspect it’s a 1911.

  2. karrde Says:

    I think that it should be “11.45” gun.

    Wasn’t there an armory in Argentina which got license to produce the Colt 0.45 design? They marked it as chambered for “11.45 mm”.

  3. Kevin Baker Says:

    Wikipedia says that the .45ACP is “11.43x23mm” so I think we have confirmation.

  4. John Smith. Says:

    It could also be a webley revolver. I believe there was a pre ww1 revolver that was french military issue in 11.43..

  5. clamp Says:

    They say it was a Colt .45. And that he had an Uzi and AK.

  6. Weer'd Beard Says:

    I’m glad I’m not the only g33k who knows the euro designation for .45 ACP!

  7. karrde Says:

    @Weerd, I must have misremembered one digit.

  8. Weer'd Beard Says:

    Karrde, ain’t no shame, only reason why I know it is because of silly trivia.

  9. chris Says:

    Now, finish the job by inviting the media to watch the slaughter of a swine and the spreading of its innards over the corpse of the deceased jihadi.

  10. P. Allen Says:

    It’s unlikely, but it could be a Kongsberg Colt – a 1911 produced under license from Colt in Norway before and during WWII.

  11. Fuz Says:

    My Sistema Colt is indeed marked “11.xx mm”

    There are a few cartons of Fray Luis Beltran ammo so marked as well.