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March 31, 2011

How they think gun control works

That’ll stop them.

From Stuff

Six Shot Slingshot

Very cool


Now that is a tactical pen. I’m a fan of S&W TacPens. And they make good gifts.

Here’s hoping

GOP to filibuster the debt ceiling increase.

ATF and guns in Mexico

Suddenly, it’s like a lot of blogs are paying attention to the issue. Any way, a round up of the ATF shenanigans:

A shocking admission: U.S. admits that Mexican cartels get military weaponry from Central America. That, of course, didn’t fit the narrative so they had to make reality fit the narrative.

Pattycakes has a timeline of events pieced together from different legal documents.

Michelle Malkin: Project Gunrunner: Obama’s Stimulus-Funded Border Nightmare

Where are the pro-gun democrats?

Everybody knew.


Man removed from plane for having a book about weapons. I usually take a gun rag or two on the plane when I fly.

A plane was struck by a bullet. Didn’t fall from the sky.

Rule 5

If it saves just one life: Do not try to catch a dropped gun. That guy, he’s pretty smart.

In other news, if you use the word penis, an editor will change it to rather sensitive area.

ATF Shotgun Study

In an update, it looks like it’s now time for the comment period to the attempt to justify banning import of certain shotguns. You can email them at

I would think their resources are better spent, you know, getting Mexico under control.

Illinois Concealed Carry

Reason has a look at the Brady Campaign’s last hobby horse. I think Wisconsin is a foregone conclusion at this point.


Restaurant carry passes the house.

Rapid transition sights

Interesting design. I’ve seen others do that same thing with canted rails and regular sights.

Violent crime on campus

Up 20%. The headline is all wrong since crime is down in the country. But on campuses, not so much.

Via TheRep.

Gun bans work

Because people can’t make shotguns out of staple guns.

Gun Porn

Red Dot Special

That’s an expensive gun. More here.

This one is even more expensive.

Aw, it’s so cute when they get their first 1911.


The toy box.

March 30, 2011

No background check required

The US is giving arms to Libya:

THE United States has paved the way for Libya’s rebel groups to be armed by the international community if air strikes to oust Muammar Gaddafi fail.

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton confirmed for the first time in London that the United Nations resolution did allow for the ”legitimate transfer of arms” to rebels if a nation chose to do so.

Maybe that will stop some from going into Mexico?

I guess if a war can be relabeled a “kinetic military action”, it makes sense that we can call gunrunning a ”legitimate transfer of arms”.

Workplace violence

Showing a steady decline. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics: From 2002 to 2009, the rate of nonfatal workplace violence has declined by 35%, following a 62% decline in the rate from 1993 to 2002.

Charges against reporters

Local authorities in Shelby are pursuing charges of “corrupting another with drugs,” “drug abuse” and “child endangerment” against a National news correspondent for filming the effects of drug abuse. Disgraceful.

I think they’ll be fine since Oprah is on their side.

Tiahrt responds

To Minnesota public radio. He points out, rightly, that people pushing this trace data scheme plan to make a lot of money off of it.

Gold replacing the dollar

As world reserve currency. You know that gold and food are not going up in value. It’s the dollar is going down. Things aren’t getting more expensive, your dollar is just getting cheaper.

Ballistic database numbers

$40,000,000 spent. And not one crime solved.

In Chicago

Gun control lobbyists have their presser while homicides are up 18%.


Chuck Schumer (D-ranged) on how to address budget cuts: I always use the word extreme

An interesting look at marching orders given to democrats, and carried out faithfully by their legions.

Criminal use of firearms silencers

A study from the Western Criminology Review. Most suppressor crimes are for the act of owning a suppressor for which you have not paid a tax. Not paying the tax will land you in jail for 30 years. Seems awful cruel and unusual for tax evasion.

I only know of one instance in which a suppressor was used in an actual shooting. And that suppressor, if memory serves, was stolen.

Immunity and why it sucks

DA’s office sat on evidence that would prove a man’s innocence for 14 years while he was on death row. The man cannot sue for that.

A victory for gun safety

Washington suppressor bill passed both houses, overwhelmingly. On to the governor for signature. People yammer on about these suppressors being so evil and bad and stuff. Yet, these types of bills keep passing in states. Good. Suppressors are a good health and safety tool. We muffle heavy machinery and cars.

ATF and guns in Mexico

Eject: Acting ATF Director bails on testifying before senate subcommittee.

ATF responds only in part to FOIA inquiry.

Chicks and guns

Love the new shooter grin.

CIA Spy Tools

At Wired.


Lots of people make forgeries of expensive gun products overseas and pawn them off here. EOTech forgers get busted.

What we all need

A crossbow that fires machetes.