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Anti-gunners wonder why they lose, suck

We Win, They Lose. Now, Lets Get To Work.

The AP:

Frustrated liberals are asking why a Democratic-controlled Congress and White House can’t manage to close the Guantanamo prison or keep new gun-rights laws from passing.

So, we now know why they suck. I mean, who actually calls something a right and then is sad that they cannot restrict it? And the press calls them liberals? Continuing:

Via Sebastian, who notes the total dissing of the Brady Campaign. Speaking of, Paul Helmke is a sad panda:

We need activists. I have 30 employees, the NRA [National Rifle Association] has 600, Helmke said.

And NRA has actual grassroots too. You know, people are passionate about rights.

2 Responses to “Anti-gunners wonder why they lose, suck”

  1. Lyle Says:

    Shouldn’t it be illegal to form an organization for the purpose of restricting a Bill of Rights enumerated right?

    I’m not sure, but lets compare this to minority rights. What about the KKK or the Aryan Nations? Certainly at the very least they should be prohibited from receiving one penny of taxpayers’ money.

    I’m all for the First Amendment, so when does free speech end and sedition begin;

  2. ANON Says:

    They fight for a paycheck, we fight for what we believe in.

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