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More Kelo fallout

ABC reports that 40 states and Congress are looking at eminent domain in a post Kelo world:

Echoes of the debate are happening across the country, after a U.S. Supreme Court decision brought new attention to governments’ ability to seize property through the tool of eminent domain. Some 40 states are re-examining their laws with action in Congress, too after the court’s unpopular ruling.

Here’s hoping something gets done.

2 Responses to “More Kelo fallout”

  1. lobbygow Says:

    I think no eminent domain for private gain will become a standard across all 50 states with clearly defined terms for what is taboo even if arguments for “public benefit” can be made.

    In the meantime, we’re still fighting Forest City Ratner’s depredations tooth and nail up here in the Northeast. A group I volunteer with met with some Jersey lawyers who had successfully stopped his use of ED on a project. It’s just rampant up here in NYC. The real estate development community is the major contributor to political candidates (including self-proclaimed corporate welfare warrior Eliot Spitzer, whose dad was in the biz). Whenever campaign money is involved, the battle gets tougher.

  2. Manny Amaral Says:

    The developers have lots of money to pay off their politician friends don’t hold your bread wating changes they won’t happen.

    I have lost all my faith, there’s too much money involved.

    The people don’t have the money to fight them.

    Shame !! Shame !!