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ATF Trouble

Only this time, it’s budget stuff and not a corrupt registry of NFA weapons or kitten stomping. The WaPo:

The new headquarters of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives in the District is at least $19 million over budget at a time when the agency is considering sharp cuts in the number of new cars, bulletproof vests and other basics it provides agents.

The Justice Department inspector general’s office recently received a complaint alleging that ATF Director Carl J. Truscott put through or proposed unnecessary plan changes and upgrades to the 438,000-square-foot building in the past two years, according to four sources familiar with the project.


The sources also said that some ATF officials object to the approximately $1 million annual cost of an extensive security detail for Truscott, who spent 22 years at the Secret Service before coming to ATF. The expenditures pay for five full-time agents and two armored Chevrolet Suburbans, which have not been made available to previous ATF directors or to the heads of comparable agencies, such as the U.S. Marshals Service, according to sources and government records.

ATF spokeswoman Sheree L. Mixell said a $12 million funding cut last year by Congress — not spending on the building — was a primary cause of current budget difficulties at the agency. She also said cost overruns for the new headquarters have not been excessive or unexpected.

Looks like there is some concern over their spending. Here’s hoping this serves as a catalyst to look at other issues with the agency.

6 Responses to “ATF Trouble”

  1. Brass Says:

    Wouldn’t mind it if Congress decided to make some more budget cuts like, say, down to zero.

  2. Champ Says:

    Sadly, like all Bush cronies, this guy will keep his job and continue to blow our money. Truscott is apparently an idiot who spent so much time at the Secret Service he wants to be treated like the President. I am Republican and I voted for Bush twice. But he does indeed need to fire some people.

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