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Keeping you safe

From unlicensed contractors: Undercover Cops Hired 118 Handymen, Then Arrested Them All for Not Having Licenses

10 Responses to “Keeping you safe”

  1. Miles Says:

    The guiding principle of American law enforcement seems to be that enforcing the law on ‘real’ outlaws is something that looks terrifyingly close to hard work.

    Better to set up and apprehend the people breaking penny-ante paperwork crimes than try and arrest some hoodlum that just might decide to fight back.

    Chasing down fleet-footed 18-year-old criminals through the rough parts of town? Thatís WORK.

  2. Ravenwood Says:

    And how is that not entrapment?

  3. todd Says:

    Entrapment much?

  4. Dave Says:

    Meanwhile, how many citizens in that area were assaulted, robbed, et cetera? Not exactly the best use of resources to say the least, even if they only used a handful of LEO’s

  5. dittybopper Says:

    Itís not entrapment because the handymen were presumably offering their services already. Itís only entrapment if you make them do something they wouldnít normally do but for your efforts.

    So if your a police officer and you meet some random woman, and you end up offering her some large amount of cash to sleep with you, and she didnít make any effort herself, thatís entrapment.

    If she offers first, thatís not entrapment.

  6. Will Says:

    The articles show that the workers were hired to do legal work, then badgered or enticed to do additional labor that required licenses. That might meet the definition of entrapment.

    It’s all about the license fees and business protection. A license to paint a room, and other mundane household repairs?

  7. Dave Says:

    Pisses me off if I think on it. This sort of thing probably happens all the time. How many man hours worth of law enforcement is devoted to this bullshit. All the while serious and violent crimes are going on. Many a politicians first and last move to deal with that is to ban guns.

  8. rickn8or Says:

    Well Dave, rogue bands of unlicensed dry-wallers seldom shoot back.

    “Fish in a barrel” so to speak.

  9. Dave Says:

    Not to mention the fact they apparently hired them for legal work, and once there, then repeatedly asked them to do unlicensed work.
    All of the cases like that should be thrown out, if you ask me.

  10. Mike Says:

    Occupational licensing for handymen is outrageous and wrong.