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The party of smaller government

A Republican senator in my state wants to ban grocery store bags. This is a stupid idea.

3 Responses to “The party of smaller government”

  1. Tim Says:

    If it’s anything like they did in Maine, they ban plastic ‘single-use’ bags, so they can SELL you ‘multi-use’ plastic bags.
    Grocery stores make more money, and politicians get to “save the planet”.


  2. Will Says:

    ALL the claims those idiots use are bogus. The single use bags are made from natural gas, IIRC. If it can’t be used, they just burn it at the wellhead. The multi-use bags are made from petroleum plastic. They are a health hazard, as virtually no one washes reusable bags, of any type, after use. We don’t have the European culture to deal with this.

    You should hear the complaints from the market cashiers about how filthy the bags are when they are REQUIRED to handle them. Disgusting! And then they handle YOUR food next! People WILL get sick, some may die, but it is hard to quantify the statistics involved, according to researchers. I’ve been told it is not uncommon to see/smell human/animal waste in/on reusable bags. Botulism and the other food based nasties may not be as noticeable, however.

    Tell this virtue signaling political idiot to move to CA if he likes this sort of stupidity.

    (the site that had all the dirt on this subject disappeared a few years ago, since CA totally bought into this nonsense. Lot of jobs were lost. Supposedly 5k just for the L.A. area)

    To add insult to injury, the West Coast cities are awash in human feces, since the homeless no longer have those bags to crap in.

  3. Standard Mischief Says:

    Free syringes, but no more free pooper scooper bags. Let’s all import San Francisco homeless culture!

    There is a 10 cent tax per bag on the people who already recycle their used bags properly in several counties near me. The money is split with 2 cents going to the store to keep them quiet and 8 cents going to the county.

    So it’s a death-by-a-thousand-cuts tax increase wrapped up in green-scamming green-washing.

    Disposable produce bags in the produce section are exempt. So are liquor stores and convenience stores.

    The big blue Ikea bags are well-made but too big for anything besides laundry. I have a half dozen reusable bags sitting in a pile awaiting fixing by a working sewing machine.