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VA Lobby Day

The rally went off without issue. Media hardest hit. Even when an alleged “infiltrator” tries to kick off the violence.

A telling thing in the pictures here and here. Positive interactions with the police. Didn’t see any antifa guys doing that.

Speaking of, sheriffs showed up to protest for the good guys.

And so much for all the racists that were going to be there.

And Google being evil as it pulls livestreams of the event. The revolution will be livestreamed but Google won’t let you see it.

3 Responses to “VA Lobby Day”

  1. Dave Says:

    A lot of the live streams suffered buffering issues. Whether that was a host of technical issues, or the tinfoil of my hat is showing, I couldn’t say.
    The various media is so uniformly against us, it can be difficult to not jump to conclusions.

  2. JTC Says:

    Of course Gov. Blackface and the lamestream will claim credit for the security measures they enacted keeping order and bad guys away. And not because it is the same group of America and Freedom loving patriots that have come to the media day every year without incident.

    But everybody these days know they don’t control 100% of the message anymore.

  3. bogie Says:

    With all the pre-rally hue and cry by the media, I was stunned that the coverage recap was not anywhere in the leading news early this morning. The event was so tame I had to go hunting for the coverage.