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Will Smith is not a safe direction

This is great:

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Its BAD Boys. Not UNSAFE Boys. 🤦🏾‍♂️

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4 Responses to “Will Smith is not a safe direction”

  1. Ravenwood Says:

    Heh.. another reason why everyone loves Will Smith, no matter what your politics are.

  2. Gerry Says:

    Well done!

  3. Chris Says:

    I think it’s staged. Why is this being filmed in the first place? Why the close up of him racking the slide and checking for rounds?

  4. Mike Says:

    If itís a behind the scenes camera on a Hollywood movie production they are likely using something like a Red 8k camera. One of the cool things you can do with a that level of quality is bunch of cropping and reframing in post. So not necessarily fake just well edited.