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A brief word

It looks like there will be some second amendment rallies in VA in response to the Democrats’ push for gun bans. Some advice: Don’t dress like a tactical hobo and open carry, well, anything. The press will find some tactical neck beard guy carrying a bubba’d up SKS and focus on that guy. Don’t be that guy. Dress normally and casually.

8 Responses to “A brief word”

  1. Earth Pig Says:

    Good advice.

  2. Huck Says:

    That dude on the left looks kinda dorky. But then again, so does the dude on the right.

  3. totc Says:

    Somewhere on the internet, Nickbeard2A is crowing about his new plate carrier he got a sweet deal on at Tactical Shit. The one he’s gonna debut at the VA Second Amendment rallies.

  4. Dave Says:

    Doesn’t matter what they dress like. The negative media spin will be there, even if they have to make something up.

  5. ExpatNJ Says:

    Dave is right: The Media will do as it pleases, which is anti-2A; it is pointless to try to educate, impress, or convert them.

    POLITICIANS, OTOH, need to SEE that The People are “well-regulated”, and prepared to fulfill their “militia” role, in addition to exercising their 1A and all other Rights.

    Perhaps “dress like a tactical hobo and open carry” could be beneficial to get those principles understood?

  6. dittybopper Says:

    Dress in tricorn hats and open carry muskets. Thatíll send a message.

  7. Dave Says:

    I suspect they’ll jam everything through, Obamacare style, regardless of consequences.
    This is a spoiling attack. They want to jam anything they can through, but they also want to gauge the reaction. Expect Blomberg’s money to be thrown around like confetti anywhere they think they can repeat this.

  8. DocMerlin Says:

    No. if i learned anything from the gay community and how effective they have been at changing laws, is that you must be as out-there and extreme as you can be at things like rallies, if you want success you have to be rather extreme, if just to make the less extreme members of your coalition seem more reasonable by comparison.