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Happy New Year

To you and yours.

Still out of pocket. Returned home from communist occupied America safely.

4 Responses to “Happy New Year”

  1. Eric Wilner Says:

    Hi there! We finally made the move from the Communist sector, piling the family into a rented RV on Christmas morning and dodging storms along the way.
    In the new place at last, and getting settled in. Another couple of hectic weeks, and we should be able to relax and enjoy the East Tennessee life!
    Happy New Year! (Notionally fires small cannon.)

  2. JTC Says:

    So, how was Virginia? Heh.

  3. Lyle Says:

    Wait; there’s a place that’s NOT occupied by communists? In that case it is occupied by surreptitious communists, communists-in-waiting, communists-to-be, communist sleeper cells, etc. I mean, I assume that you do have public education there, for example, and Republicans, Catholics, Spiritists, Numerologists, Occultists, Freemasons, Baal worshipers, ritual child molesters, Astrologers, witches, Yogi, Muslims, Bahai, Illuminati, and former Protestants turning back to Catholicism, etc., and even a few Progressives (incremental communists).

    The safe bet is, you have all of those, and much more besides, all working to “come together on what they can agree on”, which of course is, among other things, wholesale coercion (communism) “for the common good”.

    So by “not communist occupied” I’ll assume you mean, “not openly and exclusively communist”. Well; just give it time.

  4. poobie Says:

    Lyle, even poor benighted Tuscaloosa, Alabama is ate up with all of the above, so one assumes Knoxpatch and its exurbs are as well. Just as Heinlein predicted, once we ran out of frontier, we ran out of freedom of choice. And while you and I and the rest of Unc’s readers will wistfully remember what it was like when we got to choose things for ourselves, life will go on, and there will always be cracks in the brutalist facade to poke your camera lens through. Photography and shooting fire a lot of the same synapses, I’ve discovered, and while photographers also face political challenges in the new order, they’re of a different order than those faced by shooters. The only problems I face are that a) my wife has gotten in to birding, and keeps stealing my nicer body and long glass, and b) camera ecosystems are as big a money pit as building a nice set of firearms, if not moreso.

    I’m not saying I’ve given up or anything like that, but I am afraid the “progressives” have won the future, at least around here. My hope is that Musk will succeed in forcing open a new frontier, either by succeeding outright, or getting close enough to pressure his competitors into it. In the mean time, my son seems to enjoy both sorts of shooting, at least for now, so I get to enjoy teaching him how to run either a rifle or a camera safely, and for now, that’s good enough for me. If I can teach him to think for himself, that’ll be true victory. I’ll leave the larger fight to those with better health and more energy.