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I can relate

11 Responses to “I can relate”

  1. HL Says:

    Yeah, we had one of ours locked up for about 8 hours once. We should have known something was up when the other two were just hanging around the front of the safe watching it very closely…they knew she was in there, but they showed no sign of concern…only vigilance.

  2. Eric Wilner Says:

    And sometimes an extra step finds its way into a tech manual… “Remove kitten from modulator deck.” Well, that’s the way we did it in the lab! The Process has to be Documented, right?

  3. Richard Popkin Says:

    I have to grab Seamus every time I open the safe, to keep him from sharpening his claws on the interior and to keep him from getting locked up in there.

  4. Gregory Morris Says:

    My cats always try to get in, but there’s not room left in my safes.

  5. rickn8or Says:

    Gregory Morris, Is America a great country or what?

  6. treefroggy Says:

    I check the freezer for the cat . Just to make sure he’s still in there .

  7. Jerry Says:

    Bet he’s a stiff little bugger…

  8. nk Says:

    Edgar Allan Poe wrote a story about this problem in 1843.

  9. Critter Says:

    Schrodiger’s Gunsafe Cat.

  10. ASM826 Says:

    Yes! Because that cat will find find the most pristine, beautifully bled and finished firearm in the safe and spray the receiver.

    By the time you notice it, it will look like it had been pulled out of a tidal swamp and dried in the sun.

  11. ExpatNJ Says:

    I suggest re-writing the labels to remove the word “gun”.

    The word “gun” could:
    a) be cited to invalidate an anti-gun insurance policy, during a liability inspection;
    b) be cited to evict a tenant by an anti-gun landlord (who often inspect property when a tenant is NOT home);
    c) draw the attention of burglars – if not THAT visit, then for future visit planning;
    d) be used as probable cause or reasonable suspicion for confiscation by LEOs in an anti-gun locale;
    e) (your privacy-improving idea here).

    NOBODY needs to know what is truly in there, and it never pays to advertise. Might as well put “plutonium” instead of “gun”.

    PS. How about installing a “kitty door”?

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