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Life in the future

Putting trauma victims into suspended animation.

An invisibility cloak. I’ll believe it when I don’t see it.

3 Responses to “Life in the future”

  1. LucusLoC Says:

    The invisibility cloak thing is a scam. The tech is based off of Fresnel Lenses which are over 200 years old. This specific application is well know in stage magic circles.

    Here is a really good video explaining it, as well as the limitations:

  2. Interested Observer Says:

    The suspended animation thing should be easy; half the people I work with have been in it for years.

  3. ExpatNJ Says:

    Sorry, Lucas. The “invisibility clock thing” is REAL.

    Fractal absorber is paper thin and absorbs radio waves over a large frequency range. Removal of part of resistive layer shows fractal resonator. Patent 10,030,917 – July 24, 2018
    Fractal Antenna Systems, Inc. today confirmed issuance of its newest patents, enabling next generation stealth-like invisibility, absorptive shielding, with commercial applications as well as defense options. “The person or sensor inside the cloak is thus no longer blind.”

    Previous “invisibility cloaks” had the problem of blocking all signals (i.e., light) going in both directions. IOW, the cloaked person could not see out. This patent shows otherwise. And, does not issue patents unless an inventor can PROVE their invention works.

    Full disclosure: I know the inventor.