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The Las Vegas shooter

That story promptly went away for no reason. But the UK press has been covering it. That piece is a few months old. But it does put to rest the conspiracy theory that he didn’t really use a bump stuck. This picture from the article:

On the right, that is pretty clearly a bump stock.

13 Responses to “The Las Vegas shooter”

  1. TassoRampante Says:

    The audio had already sealed it with the obvious variable cyclic rate.

    What I found more interesting is the burn on his hand, the apparent reason that the shooting stopped.

  2. blounttruth Says:

    I had never heard that there were those that disputed the bump stocks were there as previous photos showed them as well.
    I found it interesting that the FBI changed the number of guns and their calibers three separate times over a month, as well as the lack of information of forensic ballistic matching. That data has been sealed by the courts for some unknown reason.
    The question remains, were the bump stocks even used as there has been no evidence that they were if perhaps he also had fully automatic weapons. This story was changed so many times by the FBI and local PR sheriff that the public will never truly know what happened.

  3. Will Says:

    “… the obvious variable cyclic rate.”

    First I’ve heard that meme. When, and who came up with this?

  4. rickn8or Says:

    blounttruth, the public not knowing what happened was the objective from the git-go.

  5. wizardpc Says:

    “First Iíve heard that meme. When, and who came up with this?”

    This whole time, you’ve never once gone to youtube and watched the cellphone videos?

    Not once? Really? Fascinating.

    Here’s one that’s all cued up for you so you can hear the variation in rate fire that is typical with bumpstock.

    If you *can’t* hear the variation, then you haven’t been around enough machineguns in your life and you should probably fix that.

  6. Len Savage Says:

    FOIA results from the six lawsuits I filed right after the event show many things.

    The FBI FOIA results contained ROIís or Reports of Investigation show overwhelmingly that folks reported a second shooter on the ground. ROIís also show that Paddock had a history of playing with and dealing in illicit Drop In Auto Searís or DIAS.

    The FBI just last week offered to pay my attorney fees and all expenseís if I will just go away now.

    It stinks of a government operation gone bad. THAT is why it was memory holed fast than Epstein didnít kill himself memes or the whistle blower Eric CIAramellaís name on facebookÖ

    Do you see the Secret/NOFORN classification in #1 FBI production?

    Want to take a guess why? Perhaps a foreign government was involved?

  7. Will Says:


    I was watching them as soon as they hit yt. IIRC, some of them disappeared very quickly. Comments from viewers with military experience were stating their opinions regarding the sound matching specific weapons they were familiar with. NO ONE thought they were bumpstock output at that point. Multiple firing points were suspected.

    I have no personal experience with bumpstocks, but have seen a fair amount of video to be familiar with the sound variation they can produce.
    I do have experience shooting a wide variety of handheld machineguns, and have been present to observe an extensive line of bipod and tripod mounted MG’s shooting individually, including suppressed. (A Ma Deuce with suppressor can be amazingly quiet! At fifty feet, just the mechanical clatter of the action, and the slap of rounds hitting a 55gal drum down range. BIG suppressor!)

    When the authorities began to screw with the story, I quit paying daily attention, as it was obvious that they were working hard to cover up something. I didn’t expect them to be so successful at it! I figured it would take some time for the truth to be uncovered, but I’m not seeing it, yet. Amazing how blatant they have been in obstructing justice.

  8. Blue Says:

    Where is all the spent brass in that photo? That many fired rounds, the floor should be covered.

  9. Will Says:


    Was now able to watch/listen to that video. That rate variation was NOT what I remember hearing in any of the videos that were freshly posted then. Pauses between bursts, and what was assumed to be sound reflections/echos of the muzzle blast(s), possibly from panning across the field. All of the videos sounded like the real thing, including two different cycling rates that suggested two different calibers/systems.

    One puzzling question is why is LVPD playing the feds game? Typically, local cops don’t much like feds, and tend to make life difficult for them when they can. I haven’t seen any answers to real questions about what was going on ANYWHERE in that town that night.

  10. wizardpc Says:

    Option A: You’re misremembering

    Option B: It’s a vast conspiracy involving thousands of people in dozens of government and non-government organizations

  11. Will Says:

    “Itís a vast conspiracy involving thousands of people…”

    Exaggerate much? It would not take many people to control the narrative on this.

    The real question is why are they not talking and showing ANYTHING substantial regarding the subject? What are they hiding, and why? Is there a group of suspects they are pursuing? THAT would be the ONLY legitimate reason that would account for their actions. However, that seems highly doubtful at this point.

    Regarding option A: Possible. My counter to that is the many video commenters that stated their military MOS (usually 11b), and stating a specific weapon firing. NO ONE had any contrary opinions in the early days. After a few days, I stopped paying attention to the media, other than to note that some of the videos had disappeared. I expected that with some time for the usual media idiocy to filter out, some clarity would arrive. It never did. And, here we are.

  12. wizardpc Says:

    How many people do you think it would take to pull off the disappearing you think is happening? Dozens? Hundreds?

  13. Will Says:

    Not very many. The sheriff/chief, and the fbi boss(es) simply have to instruct the investigators to keep it “need to know” on pain of dismissal, and nothing will get out, since it gets very easy to track who talks when you have a limited pool of personnel who have access. Hell, the various depts and levels of government involved don’t seem to be even talking to each other. Clearly there is a small group involved that have actual data.
    So many of the people who might know some minor details, like first responders, are directly or indirectly associated with various levels of .gov, so it’s easy for dept heads to pass the word to shut up until they get authorized to speak.

    We’re not talking trying to keep things quiet after the fact. When you start with an internal gag order, secrets can be kept. Not necessarily forever, but long enough for a government. The simple fact is that any government lies, and hoards info. That’s built into the system, due to the type of people attracted to bureaucracies. Any study of the US, let alone any other nation, will show lots of duplicity of various types. Secrecy itself is not inherently bad, but it tends to become the default setting, and there is also the resistance to releasing info later, that was once considered secret.