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This country needs more Killdozers*

A business owner was fined by Denver for not cleaning up other people’s feces. Odd how human feces in the streets correlates to Democrat run cities.

* In case you don’t get the reference, clicky.

4 Responses to “This country needs more Killdozers*”

  1. Chad C. Mulligan Says:

    The “Killdozer” appellation originated in a 1944 sci-fi story by the legendary Ted Sturgeon.

  2. ExpatNJ Says:

    FDr those who don’t like reading, there is the Grade-B 1974 Science-Fiction movie, “KillDozer”:!_(film)

    Actor Robert Urich is in it. Those with a Wifely-Unit can claim it be a ‘Chick-Flick’!

  3. Jay Dee Says:

    Here’s an idea. Killdozer plus autonomously guided vehicle.

  4. ExpatNJ Says: