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Gun control is always a failure

Colorado’s ban on regular capacity magazines is a failure.

2 Responses to “Gun control is always a failure”

  1. Lyle Says:

    Gun control always succeeds (in increasing the general level of chaos while demonstrating the “authority” of those in power).

    In order to assess the failure or success of a thing, you must first know it’s purpose.

  2. Billll Says:

    At one of the hearings on that bill, some 497 people spoke against the bill and 3 spoke for it. Prominent among the dissenters was mention that the thing was unenforceable. The county sheriffs present unanimously stated that they would put a “low priority” on enforcement.
    Articles like the one mentioned are reserved for when the donks have the trifecta and can double down on previous failures until they achieve the desired results or until they get voted out of office.