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We have a failed state on our southern border. Drug cartel members just killed a bunch of Americans.

11 Responses to “Cheery”

  1. Tim Says:

    Mexican gubbermint say they need more *hugs*.

  2. JTC Says:

    Not Americans. Expatriates living in a violent foreign place for reasons of their own. They know the risks.

    But these cartels were formed due to the war on pot, coke, and heroin. Legalize those, and kill the cartels who are selling pure poison in place of them.

    That’s where the money is. Always follow the money. Then stop the money. And stop the war.

  3. Tim Says:

    Have to agree, JTC. Black markets are fertile ground for violence. And people who want to shoot heroin are going to do it regardless of its legality.

  4. JTC Says:

    Legality is irrelevant to an addict; it’s all about the availability and potency and price of a hit.

    The WOD makes heroin relatively scarce and expensive while there is no such scarcity of Mexican gangs who bring in Chinese fentanyl by the ton for cheap and mule it across the border for huge money…same with loads of expendable illegals that they truck into rural America and set them up with a lab and the poison to process into “meth” right within the retail market…almost 100% profit. Both markets and their vendors were entirely created out of the well-intentioned but wholly counter-productive War On Drugs.

  5. Standard Mischief Says:

    The cartels have diversified into human trafficking, kidnapping and doubtless other things. They’re now effectively warlords who utterly control territory inside Mexico.

    That’s of course not an argument by me to continue the war on (some) drugs.

    However, unlike middle eastern insurgents, I don’t think they have backing of rich oil countries, so an ugly guerrilla war may just be possible to root them out rather quickly.

    If we go there, it will get ugly. There is little doubt that it will spill over into the USA too. It will be a lot harder to pretend the war is a half a world away and hardly effects us at home.

  6. Standard Mischief Says:

    At this point in the heroin epidemic, the only thing we can do is make it legal and provide a superior product of known and accurate strength. That’s the only thing that will stop the fentanyl and the other analog drug smuggling.

    Maybe have addicts register as such, and sell them heroin of a known safe dosage in a syringe with a RFID tag and a $20 deposit. Drug companies can sell doses for a couple of dollars and still turn a profit. Addicts are far less likely to OD on pharmaceutical grade drugs, and can detox when they’re ready. They can hold down fast food employee type jobs and pay for their own drugs.

    I don’t care if they get high. I care if they support cartels, commit crimes, overdose and require public funds to keep them from dying, and the cost of publicly funded naloxone hydrochloride.

    I care if they spread HIV via improper needle use and I care if they leave them out by the hundreds in playgrounds and such

  7. JTC Says:

    Free dope and monitored shooting galleries would be a whole lot cheaper than the WOD…and somewhat self-limiting. Initiatives like that would cripple and kill the drug cartels quickly…and the whole “If we go there it will get ugly” and spillage over the border are rendered moot.

  8. Standard Mischief Says:

    >spillage over the border are rendered moot.

    They’re ruthless. They’ll kill a dozen civilians and hang their dead bodies from bridges to make a point to the government or other cartels.

    There is no reason to think a sufficiently motivated cartel warlord wouldn’t be willing to do the same after crossing into the US through our still porous border.

    The cartel warlord aren’t going say “well it was fun while it lasted” and then to retire to the Virgin Islands.

    If we decide to fight, we need to get in and quickly cripple their operations as much as possible. And then still watch our backs.

    >Free dope and monitored shooting galleries would be a whole lot cheaper than the WOD

    We’re both against the War on (some) Drugs.

    Free shooting galleries are an OK idea, but if they can pay for a cigarette habit, government heroin can be made affordable. I’m not interested in creating a new welfare class, or see the trade continue because you can only get your junk at a clinic.

  9. Ron W Says:

    But establishment politicians are more concerned about protecting the Syrian border, Kurds and others rather than using our military to “repel invasion” and “protect the States against invasion” ON OUR OWN BORDER as specifically mandated that our government SHALL do according to the Constitution and “the rule of law”. Yeah, we hear “the rule of law”, but they don’t want to apply it to PROTECT OUR OWN COUNTRY AND PEOPLE!!! We have a criminal ruling class, especially among many in Congress and the “deep state”!!!

  10. Heath J Says:

    JTC speaks for me:

    “Not Americans. Expatriates living in a violent foreign place for reasons of their own. They know the risks. ”

    It’s tired but appropriate, PSG,WSP

  11. JTC Says:

    “If we decide to fight, we need to get in…”

    No, see that’s where it all goes awry. Fuck that. No boots on foreign ground even if it’s next door. Especially not to protect various travelers like this cult, like I said they know the risks. Let’s wage this war from over here.

    But that is a whole ‘nother thing than a “cartel warlord willing to do the same after crossing into the US…” Can’t have that shit, invasion of our territory is an automatic death sentence using any level of enforcement necessary including mil. And they’re not the only ones that can stake a line corpses looking back and warning all comers to stay out.

    Let them kill and war with each other and any so stupid as to stay there, while immediate legalization and commercial availability of various poisons of choice at a tiny fraction of the cost eliminates their cash flow and all of the ancillary crime and misery that comes with the illicit trade.

    And inside the lines all that American cash that the scum smugglers are warring over will soon dry up and with it the wars. I mean it’s a shithole so there will still be crime and smuggling and killing, it’s what they do. But not the big money so maybe their own shithole socialist government can afford to half-ass control them, or maybe they’ll all kill each other, whatever. But let’s us stay the fuck out of there, squeeze their cash flow and kill ’em off that way.

    …or immediately on the spot with all available sound and fury if they step foot on our sacred ground to victimize our people in their own homes, as with the New Hampshire couple.