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Well, that’s cheerful

7 in 10 say US on the edge of civil war

I would say the two quickest ways a civil war would start in this country is gun confiscation and removing Trump from office. And those two things seem to be at the top of one political party’s list.

14 Responses to “Well, that’s cheerful”

  1. pkoning Says:

    Oleg Volk has pointed out that the last time we had a revolution here, attempted gun confiscation was the immediate trigger.

  2. B Dubya Says:

    You know, I’m nearly 70 years old and well past my use by date. I spent a dozen years in the nuclear navy as a submarine nuclear propulsion plant operator and 5 more in the National Guard as an infantryman (11B40).

    These days, I’m a grandfather with three adult children who have all gone their own, successful ways. I retired three years ago, to spend time with my grandkids and play a little golf before the bell tolls at the end.

    I was really hoping not to live in interesting times after 1982 (that’s when I knew the Soviets were done, just stick a fork in them). But, I took the enlistment oath almost a half century ago, and it doesn’t have an expiration date.

  3. wizardpc Says:

    As long as food is readily available, civil war is an unlikely scenario. Americans will scream but otherwise peacefully go along with whatever happens… until they start missing meals, or thinking they’ll start missing meals soon.

  4. JTC Says:

    Third top thing on their list: immigration. Unfettered, uncontrolled, unlimited replacement voters to be bought and paid to run interference, provide low grade security for the elites, and fight that ground war for them when it happens.

  5. nk Says:


  6. MrSatyre Says:

    Bets that the Dems would call on China to help them suppress opposition were the nation plunged into Civil War II?

  7. ItIsTooLaugh Says:

    If Civil War were to come, the realization that you can’t stop a 70-ton main line battle tank with .223 rounds will quickly take hold (no, you can’t make a “Saving Private Ryan” sticky charge to take out an Abrams; less than 20 out of over 10000 built have been destroyed in combat), though I am sure that Russia will lovingly supply Kornets to all of the “Patriots.” The bigger problem though is stated above: a vast proportion of the US population, especially in DiabetesLand, have no idea how to access food without convenience and, if they had it, how to prepare it without a microwave.

  8. rickn8or Says:

    ItIsTooLaugh, you don’t have to take out the tank; all you have to do is take out the guy that drives the fuel truck. Or the fuel truck, if you’re squeamish.

    Alternatively, when faced with a choice of coming to work to drive a tank or staying home to keep his house from being burnt to the ground, guess which choice the tank driver will make.

  9. Old NFO Says:

    Agree with B Dubya… We’ve already BTDT, don’t want to do it again…

  10. JTC Says:

    Don’t have to worry about stopping the tank if the attackers can’t get operators in them…very skilled specialty and for sure the Dim suits ain’t doing it.

    And I’m not seeing too many young patriot fighters sworn to defend their own nation instead attacking it and the people like him who are in it.

    God forbid it but if it happens small arms fire and private militias and armed individuals will fight this war on the ground, door to door. Brutal and extended assymetrical type of war, over things like fuel and food and water and power, and that part is begun, ref. the Kali blackouts. They are effing rationing electric power…how far behind are the even more essential things? Battles on the streets and in the cities. But when they get hungry and desperate and come streaming out into the prepped countryside those 5.56’s and 7.62’s will be necessary and effective. And it will be an interminable and apocalyptic, stretching out into years. Prep X 2. Or 3.

  11. Kenneth Irving Cramer Says:

    I would argue that the two fastest ways would be
    1. Electing Trump again.
    2. Electing anyone else.

  12. JTC Says:

    As I reference above as to blackouts and other rationing along with tolerated or in some cases encouraged arrestable protests and street violence, and backdoor legislative activity, the civil war is begun in many assymetrical ways.

    And it is hard to doubt the accuracy of your “either/or” election result as to ramping all those things up to some unknown degree. Have to hope and pray against it.

  13. Dave Says:

    The military that’d be driving those tanks in this still very hypothetical scenario come from that very same divided populace. The idea the military would be anywhere close to 100% compliant with orders is absurd.

  14. Richard Says:

    There seems to be an assumption that the Right will start the war. I doubt this but think it is coming because the Left will start it. They could take it to the streets if Trump is reelected. They could get overeager to suppress the Deplorables if Trump isn’t reelected and move too soon. Leftists in the IC could get more overt and kinetic and provoke a reaction from other elements in government with the general public on both sides joining in.

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