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Red flags in FL

2,654 people have been ordered to turn in their guns since enacting a red flag law. This number includes police.

2 Responses to “Red flags in FL”

  1. mikee Says:

    I loves me anecdotal stories, that can be swung from one pole of bias to the opposite with choices of anecdotes told.

    Here’s a question not answered in the story: How many requests were filed, how many granted, how many denied? Seems sort of important to figuring out if the law is doing anything justifiable or not.

  2. JTC Says:

    Of course all those details Mikee seeks are the dangerous variables. Right now implementation has been pretty quiet and controlled here. None of us wants wackjobs with guns although the great limitation on effectiveness of Red Flags is that they are almost exclusively applied against a relatively captive audience, and not feasible where they would be most effective at protecting the public safety ie thugs whose guns are not necessarily so available and subject to seizure by virtue of their sourcing and flexible storage and ownership.

    Beyond that, there just is not any way of limiting false and scurrilous control, implementation, and due process. Like most “reasonable restrictions”, the purported good is far outweighed by not just inept or potentially punitive implementation, but by the mere fact and truth of the rule of the slippery-slope.