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But your guns are no match for the military

Kind of frightening: A Drug Cartel Just Defeated The Mexican Military In Battle

If it isn’t already, Mexico will soon be ran completely by drug lords.

5 Responses to “But your guns are no match for the military”

  1. RandyGC Says:

    If we’re lucky, since that implies somebody is running it. Otherwise we’re talking a failed state with alternating areas of warlords and no-man’s land, and an escape hatch to their north.

  2. JTC Says:

    The long linked piece at VFTP argues differently and puts the danger in a more historical perspective.

    Interesting read, and surely mostly accurate. But like most of history, we want to remember it and learn from it but it’s not prophecy.

    With 2000 miles of border there will always be issues to be dealt with. But in the here and now, that shit was a drug war. Because the drugs is where the money is, and money is the power to control all the other things, including waging assymetrical war on their magnanimous northern neighbor, us.

    So yeah, a lot of good words in that article, but the TL;DR version?

    “Follow the money. Always follow the money.”

    So, to bring their own internecine gang warfare (and by gang I include their gov) under control, and to de-fund their war chest for mischievous activity against us, cut off the money. By cutting off the dope. Or at least the profit…aka “the money”.

    Make all that shit legal. Problem solved.

  3. Quirel Says:

    You had me right until you said the solution was to legalize it all. Because yeah, sure, legal methamphetamine sounds like a grand idea.

    I live in the petri dish of legalization. My state legalized recreational marijuana and started handing out grow licences like fun-sized candies. The results are mixed, and the cartels are still operating up here. In fact, there was a big-ass drug bust in Moses Lake where an ATF agent was shot.

    You’ve got a nice theory, but the data is out there. Look it up. The free market isn’t going to kill off the cartels.

  4. JTC Says:

    The FREE market most certainly would kill off the cartels margins, as they have to adjust to the free market to compete with other providers. Meth was/is itself a product of the WOD, poison that can be cooked anywhere in volume. Same with the Chinese killer shit, but when competition crashes prices it will also up quality. What cartels were left would become quasi-legit domestic enterprise and Mexico would either follow suit or just find another market and continue itís descent into internal and violent and ultimately self-limiting war. Find the old letter from Reaganís drug czar Bennet to see an explanation and plea for that decades ago. It did not take hold then and we can only imagine if it did and the lessons of Prohibition had been heeded.

    All manner of ancillary and underlying crime and social destruction would also cease over time. All due to understanding and embracing the old and simple and dead accurate truth:

    Follow the money. Always follow the money.

  5. Quirel Says:

    The free market only works when people are playing with the same rules. The cartels aren’t going to play by the rules because they are criminal enterprises turned armed insurgencies with an eye for cutting out and ruling a slice of Mexico.

    For another thing, even if legalization somehow killed the cartels’ drug smuggling operations, it wouldn’t kill the cartels. They diversified years ago. They’re smuggling people now, and running illegal mining operations, and probably dozens of other interests. Running drugs is probably their most lucrative business, but it’s not the only pole holding up the tent.

    But you won’t get that far. Even if America legalized weed, amphetamine, opium and cocaine, the cartels could undercut their American competition because they don’t have to worry about labor laws, fair wages, or environmental regulations.

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