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This just in: tax accounting is different from accounting

Over at ProPublica is a lot of words about how Trump’s tax documents differ from loan documents. This is not uncommon. I deal with lenders all the time and I pay taxes. They’re different every year because that’s how it works. For instance, it used to be that tax law allowed me to purchase a vehicle that weighed over 6,000 pounds and depreciate it fully in the first year. So, I did. Even if I didn’t need one. That caused a discrepancy between expenses for tax purposes and expenses for business purposes.

There could be something to their story but I’m thinking not much.

One Response to “This just in: tax accounting is different from accounting”

  1. JTC Says:

    You know the whole problem with all of that crap?

    “Tax law”…which is made up entirely of what I call the tax avoidance industry. Entire divisions of companies and firms -and entire dedicated firms- whose only raison d’ etre is to minimize or eliminate the financial support of government and its mandates.

    And conversely the labyrinth of political agencies at the local, state, and federal levels- whose only function is the creation and assessment of those mandates.

    Eliminate them all. Every assessment and every tax on every thing. And then every exemption, every deduction, and every shelter.

    Replace it all with a tithe -a ten percent offering as it were- for the privilege of living in the greatest country with the greatest opportunities in the world to earn as much as you possibly can whether by flipping burgers or brokering billion dollar deals, and pay ten percent of every dollar for that privilege; can you imagine any honest American not being happy to pay in that modest and fair share of support? It would be enough to replace every dollar now collected by every gov entity, with the elimination of those assessment bureaucracies and those avoidance industries alone saving huge wasted amounts which would then go directly toward that support.

    Well to be honest, there would be some who would oppose such a simple and patriotic system. Can you imagine who and what they might be? I knew you could.