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Through Dick and thin

So, Dick’s, in an effort to virtue signal, stopped selling guns. Not only that, but they destroyed $5M worth of “assault-style rifles”*. They also lost $250M in sales.

* a made up word.

8 Responses to “Through Dick and thin”

  1. Ron W Says:

    Why didn’t they just sell them back to the government? I mean we have lots of politicians who want mandatory buybacks. Dick’s would’ve done it voluntarily.

  2. RandyGC Says:

    And again they live up to their name.

  3. Jay Dee Says:

    I much prefer the term idiot signalling as in Dick’s is signalling that they are really useful idiots.

  4. Mike Says:

    Never again will they see a dime from me.

  5. Lyle Says:

    We’re running out of places to shop. Does this mean that, at some stage, we’ll have to stop spending money altogether?

    That, or we’ll be forced out of the markets for not having the mark of the beast or the number of his name.

  6. Ron W Says:

    Do they still sell ammo? In the past, I found some good ammo deals especially on Federal 7.62×51.

  7. Ron W Says:

    @Lyle, I think that’s the endgame.

  8. SPM Says:

    I call BS, Just like when Binnyboy said he went to a gun show.. And if they did did they cut the barrels first? Should we inform the ATF?