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But the narrative

Murder and violent crime declined in 2018. As did property crime.

3 Responses to “But the narrative”

  1. Robert Says:

    Some of that downturn is a result of property crimes no longer being reported, because they know the police will do nothing.

  2. Sience DoGood Says:

    To report a decline in the murder rate and to infer some decline in firearm violence of improvement in society in general without balancing that change against the improvements in trauma care in the same period is disingenuous at best and deceptive at worst.

    War is the best medical research laboratory there is and Dubya’s GWOT began 18 years ago, during which time the gradual pace of trauma care evolution has been hastened notably by 18 years of continuous warfare. If all the GSWs of Y2K were to be repeated in 2019, a substantially higher number would survive today than did in 2000 for the simple fact that emergency response times are lower and trauma care is better.

    So the firearm community needs to be careful what import we attach to the FBI’s numbers, else we’re trying to claim a propaganda victory that isn’t actually in the details.

  3. Boomer Says:

    What do the numbers say for non-fatal shootings? if those are down as well then perhaps we have a true improvement. If those are up that lends support for Sience’s theory.