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Been there

The holster box. I have two.

One Response to “Been there”

  1. JTC Says:

    Heh. One of my best strokes of free market genius back in my dealer days was my holster rental biz.

    Florida was early to the CCW dance and about 0% of those who jumped in quick had any idea of how to do it.

    So I had maybe a half dozen different rigs for a half dozen different popular carry choices. Most buyers would choose a sausage sack based on price and I went along but offered a 100% trade-in within 30 days to upgrade. About 80% did that, sometimes two or three times before they ended up with something decent that they liked.

    So I sold a bunch of decent holsters while doing what amounted to a public service and my customers appreciated not ending up with an expensive holster box.

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