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It says a lot

That no democrat has come out and condemned what Bobby Francis said.

5 Responses to “It says a lot”

  1. Tirno Says:

    There was a lot of Daily Show-style approval-applause when he said it.

    “Nobody want to take your guns”? I can point to Democrat Primary Candidate (hasn’t dropped out or been disqualified so far) Robert Francis, a couple bandwagon jumpers also on that stage, and all the trained seals in that audience in Houston.

    The demurrers of that party have been, “No can’t do that, there isn’t the votes for it in Congress“, rather than “No, can’t do that, it’s straight up un-Constitutional and anyone that tried would get the same thing the Redcoats got”.

  2. David L. Says:

    I have noticed quite a few upset, not at what he said, but that he said it.

    “We all know we want that! But you’re not supposed to say it! You’ll get those nasty deplorable clingers all worked up again!”

  3. mikee Says:

    The Democrat Party policy on guns is to make incremental moves leading to banning and confiscating all private firearms. Got it.

    This strongly suggests the Democrat Party policy on all other individual rights enumerated in the US Constitution is incremental moves leading to banning and eliminating all individual rights.

    I’d love a reporter, were there any left instead of journalists, to state the above to a candidate and ask if that is correct.

  4. JTC Says:

    Well he did say “we”. Silent agreement is still agreement.

    Today’s ‘toon at Day by Day focuses on his “sacrifice” for the cause. To which I commented, the sacrifice will occur when he pounds on the first Deplorable door and announcing he’s here for their AR. Which he would most likely get piece by piece, the first 30 in about 10 seconds.

  5. Phelps Says:

    Joe Manchin finally remembered that he has to get reelected in WV and disavowed.