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Obviously, racists

The rise of a African American gun rights group. I support this and, of course, question the assertion that the NRA is waning.

Even better, 60% of the members are women.

Their website is here. I’ll probably join.

3 Responses to “Obviously, racists”

  1. bluescare Says:

    I joined, group seems like a great addition to the cause.

  2. Al Treworgytreefroggy Says:

    Seriously ?? NAAGA ????? Tone deaf much ???

  3. JTC Says:

    Is this the rise (or rather the public acknowledgement) of Black Nationalists) that the left has long supported and encouraged?

    Careful what you wish for, bytches!

    But yes this is good. A shared understanding and awareness of the true meaning and purpose of 2A will likely lead to the same for more appreciation of other provisions of the Constitution…among them the control and defense of our borders as it pertains to immigration. Blacks have already been supplanted by Hispanics as the dominant and primary “minority” and the “benefits” the left bestows on them in the new quid pro quo. Native and semi-native blacks are our natural allies in curtailing the replacement of the electorate. Yes, this is good.