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Who saw that coming?

With the democrats talking about gun bans and confiscation, gun sales up 15%.

3 Responses to “Who saw that coming?”

  1. JTC Says:

    Good thing for the industry that the antis are their top sales team…might even make Wally rethink their scale-back.

    Probably not though; as VFTP links a Captain Obvious type who notes what we’ve known for nearly two years; the Trump Slump…

    “The gun industry has been a bit soft lately. There was a significant amount of panic buying leading up to the 2016 Presidential election. I’m not surprised by that. What we were all surprised about was the outcome of that election. The result was a drop in the market. Lots of guns waiting to be bought. That was matched with lots of folks feeling relieved over avoiding a political nightmare. Without political fear motivating consumers to make purchases, retailers saw low prices and slow sales. Many argue that this didn’t happen, but there is a name for it. We are in a “Trump slump.”

    But then he picks up on what we’ve said more recently when he philosophizes:

    “Is Walmart dumping the Second Amendment for more profitable products? Maybe.”

    Yes but it’s simpler than that. What I said last month when they announced their new “woke” policy that had some reactionary gunnies calling for a boycott:

    “Unless you also “boycott” aka don’t patronize or use, Amazon, Facebook et al, then jumping on Wally for doing what big biz does which is follow the wind to make more money with no regard for what is just, then you are pissing into that wind and being a hypocrite to boot.”

    Tam asks if it is just a matter of “Follow The Money?”

    Of course. Simple.

  2. mikee Says:

    TIL July is the slowest gun sales month, which likely means that month will have the best sales. I shall plan accordingly.

  3. Bigus Macus Says:

    I’ll be working the local gun show here in Hampton Roads just like I have for the 30 years. It will be interesting to see what the volume people will be this weekend. Update to follow.