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First bump stock arrest

The AP:

A Texas man is the first person to be charged under a federal ban on bump stocks, devices that allow a semi-automatic firearm to fire rapidly like a machine gun (sic), the Justice Department said Thursday.

Ajay Dhingra, 43, of Houston, came on the radar of the U.S. Secret Service in August after he sent an email to the George W. Bush Foundation asking the former president to send one of your boys to come and murder me, according to court records.

8 Responses to “First bump stock arrest”

  1. Phelps Says:

    Note that he was already a Prohibited Person and this charge is just piling on.

  2. one-eyed Jack Says:

    Play stupid games….Jack.

  3. Chuck Pergiel Says:

    … and win stupid prizes!

  4. Mike V Says:

    But the enemy will use this to bash us over the head. Right or wrong, itíll happen.

  5. Mike Says:

    Unsympathetic defendants often lead to bad case law.

  6. JTC Says:

    As Phelps references, this was an add-on charge and that is likely how virtually all enforcement of this ban will be handled. IOW if the popo is at your place because of dope traffic or a DV call etc. and they find one in the course of their search warrant, you will be charged with felony possession which makes other aspects of their case against you a slam-dunk.

    So not much chance of getting nailed for it as a stand-alone charge, but still seriously dangerous when combined with the possibility of a scurrilous Red Flag report or similar. Once they access your house even on tenuous reports, possession will not be overlooked and you will be seriously fucked.

  7. Beans Says:

    To add onto what JTC said, the perp will be charged for possession of bump stock, along with a host of other firearms related charges.

    And then the Prosecutor will plea all the charges down to the base charge of why they were there to begin with (DV, probation violation, etc.)

    Why? Because prosecutors usually get the same bonus for closing cases by pleaing to far lesser charges as they do for making sure all the charges stick. Actually they’ll usually get a bigger bonus, because one can plea deal more cases down than one can actually prosecute in court. Which sucks.

    Really, how many state and federal gun charges actually stick to the huge number of illegal weapons holders and users? Few, few at all.

    This is just all for show. All Sound and Fury, signifying nothing.

  8. JTC Says:

    Few gun charges stick to LaQuan and RayRay for reasons we wonít get into right now.

    But when a standup citizen gets ratted by his ex and they tear his place up and find a junk plastic stock accessory he will likely get the full force, for some of those same reasons.

    Or maybe not, depends largely on jurisdiction. But I for one choose not to be a test case…a felony conviction for that stupid shit will make that stand-up dude an instant non- citizen and otherwise seriously fuck him up as stated above.