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Well, this is interesting

DOJ sends gun legislation package to White House as debate rages over mass shootings

No idea what is in the proposal.

6 Responses to “Well, this is interesting”

  1. Stretch Says:

    Magic 8-Ball says “We’re screwed.”

  2. wizardpc Says:

    Don’t worry, all the really super smart people say that its just so Trump can get the supreme court to declare his actions unconstitutional 5-7 years from now and save the second amendment!

  3. rickn8or Says:

    wizardpc, that or have two competing packages in Congress so that neither gets passed.

  4. wizardpc Says:

    rickn8or, I don’t understand the need for legislation at all. Just say no. The democrats control one half of one third of the federal government.

    Just tell them to pound sand. It’s not difficult.

  5. Ron W Says:

    Put national CC reciprocity in the bill. It’s “common sense” gun legislation since almost all mass shootings occur in gun free zones, so end their government imposition and end slave States and cities. Also make all gun control bills apply equally to everyone since the House AWB EXEMPTS all government and private security companies. Force them to vote to apply according to “the equal protection of the laws”!

  6. terrapod Says:

    Mexican English. No Stepping on Pavement makes sort of more sense but what is the context and purpose at that location?