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That which they don’t want to ban will be mandatory

So, the democrat field had a yawner of climate change discussion last night. I, and almost everyone, did not watch it. But I did wait for the snarky day after highlights. It seems the democrat’s consistently want to Ban All The Things: Energy use, fracking, plastic straws, nuclear power, offshore drilling, fossil fuels, certain behaviors, diets, population growth for who are not white, coal plants, and carbon.

Yang wants to buy back cars and eliminate air travel.

Mayor Pete wants to ban air travel but only for you.

And, of course, guns.

2 Responses to “That which they don’t want to ban will be mandatory”

  1. Huck Says:

    I saw that mentioned a short while back; ALL dems want to take stuff away from us. Not just the stuff mentioned but our freedoms too. Not just the Hildebeest, but other dems have stated that we have “too much freedom for our own good”.

  2. Ravenwood Says:

    They have to come for the guns first, because as long as I have my gun, they aren’t taking my car or my cheeseburger.