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It has come to this

From the land of poop and needles: San Francisco Board of Supervisors designates NRA domestic terrorist organization.

Personally, the fact the government of San Fran thinks I’m a terrorist is a compliment.

On the other hand, this means that want me dead or imprisoned.

11 Responses to “It has come to this”

  1. Huck Says:

    The NRA a terrorist organization eh? Ok, maybe those clowns in the Gay Bay can list the terrorist acts committed by the NRA because I’ve never heard of any. (because none have ever happened)

    However, I recall that there have been terrorist threats against the NRA and it’s members.

  2. HL Says:

    So, can anyone be arrested while in that shit-hill for being an NRA member? How does this work?

  3. Tim Says:

    Ok, ‘cataclysmic earthquake’…..we’re ready when you are…

  4. RandyGC Says:

    Oh blessed Saint Andreas hear my plea…

  5. John W Ellis III Says:

    So just Wayne then?

  6. Tirno Says:

    So, just wondering… if someone could somehow find the property records of these individuals, thus their most likely mailing address, and say… pay for an NRA membership for each of them.

    They’re almost certainly supports of an actual domestic terrorism group (RevCom or AntiFA), so what’s one more?

  7. Ron W Says:

    HL, well it’s a sanctuary city, so NRA members would be safe from arrest, right?

  8. Ken in NH Says:

    I hope the NRA sues for defamation and f*ck any court who rules the city has sovereign immunity.

  9. Gurn Blandston Says:

    So what happens if people take it to heart and it leads to the formation of the Provisional NRA?

  10. Bram Says:

    Gurn is right. If it were actually true, they wouldn’t dare speak it because NRA members would kill them.

  11. Ron W Says:

    So what does that mean? What is SF gonna do about NRA members who may come to their city? Maybe they can call DHS or the FBI ? But wait! I thought they didn’t notify the Feds about such.

    I guess I get a pass. I’m a member of GOA. NOT that I would EVER go there!

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