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Oh Francis

O’Rourke says he plans on confiscating all semi-auto weapons. Good luck with that.

6 Responses to “Oh Francis”

  1. Jailer Says:

    Molon labe.

  2. rickn8or Says:

    Then Robert Francis “Faux-Kennedy” O’Rourke is going to be a busy man.

  3. Heath J Says:

    Another moron voluntarily signs his name to the list of people to be dealt with.

    I honestly think he’s that fucking clueless.

  4. totc Says:

    I suspect that should this become reality, the bad cop problem in this country would solve itself.

  5. Stretch Says:

    HE will? Personally?
    OK, he’s got my vote. 😉

  6. Will Says:


    AH! The missing silver lining to gun control efforts! Thanks!