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Live action Tueller drill

Why you shoot until the threat has stopped.

The patience of that officer is immense. I’m thinking a lot of guys may have shot sooner.

3 Responses to “Live action Tueller drill”

  1. Skullz Says:

    It’s also an example of “no one ever wished they had less rounds in a gun battle”. It took a number of rounds to stop that threat. I counted 11, one more than the common 10rd (for now) limitation in some jurisdictions.

  2. Richard Popkin Says:

    I am 72 years old, and I have carried since I was about 34. I have known LEOs who have been in firefights and likewise civilians who have defended themselves with a gun. I have also known veterans who fought in the Middle East, in Vietnam, in Korea, in both theaters of World War II, and as a child, knew veterans of WWI. I never ever heard anyone say they wished they hadnít had so much ammunition.

  3. Heath J Says:

    That was brutal.

    Poor cop, I applaud his professionalism and restraint.