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Interesting thought experiment

If I were starting my gun collection from scratch

I’d start with a couple of black plastic people poppers made by Glock or S&W in 9mm that hold all of the BBs. A couple of Colt 6920s with middy barrels. And a Beretta 1301. And a Pac lite 4 from Tactical Solutions. I’m pretty much there now except it’s 5 black plastic people poppers, 5 AR-15s, a 1301, S&W M&P 22 and a Ruger match Champion. Well, of the guns I actually shoot, anyway. There are others. But I could stop there and be good.

8 Responses to “Interesting thought experiment”

  1. JTC Says:

    One could quibble all day about the hardware, but not your chambering choices.

    But you skipped right over one of the most compelling reasons for your tools to eat .22, 9mm, 5.56 and 12Ga., and that is ubiquity and economy…ain’t no place no where that carries any ammo at all that won’t have all of that in stock for cheap.

    That of course needn’t guide your choices when those choices are vast and varied. But God forbid it, but the time may come when it will be a very big factor indeed.

  2. JTC Says:

    Whoops, missed the wheelie, but of course the same logic applies to .38/.357.

  3. Jay Dee Says:

    My wheel gun is a Dan Wesson 15-2. I love the ability to swap barrels and grips at whim.

  4. Tim Says:

    ‘Debbie Downer’ here. I also make deep accommodation for the disastrous day when our socialist non-citizens ban all semi autos.

    That obviously means leverguns, bolts, wheelies, and lots O’ shotties.

  5. JTC Says:


    No, that disastrous day is what all guns of all kinds are for.

  6. Ron w Says:

    @JTC, a .357 7 shot wheel gun and a lever action .357 companion rifle. Also .22, .12 ga pump and .308/7.62 bolt and conventional semi-auto. Seems so far, the gun banners overlook the M1A.

  7. JTC Says:

    Ron W, like I said at the top gunnies will argue for their favorite hardware ’til the cows come home, but there is no arguing the logic of cartridge choices that are for many reasons virtually endless.

    But returning to delivery systems for a moment, while I love them all (even certain single shots deserve space in your safe), I will never ever make choices based solely on what self-appointed self-serving overlords decide I am allowed to have.

  8. Ron w Says:

    I agree JTC. One of my reasonings is based on what I already have. Since I’ve had a .357 revolver and ammo, I sold a 7.62×39 rifle with its ammo and plan to replace it with a .357 lever action rifle to share ammo with the revolver. I also had a good opportunity to privately purchase an essentially new (undocumented) Glock 21 years ago at a very good price, so I stick with .45. So instead of acquiring a smaller 9mm carry pistol, I opted to trade an inherited revolver for a Bersa compact .45 on an even swap.

    I have my granddaddy’s Iver Johnson 16 ga. single break-action, so I keep a few boxes of 16 ga. Also have .308/7.62, 12 ga and .22 .”delivery systems.