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On speed holstering

The sheriff says it’s a bad idea. I concur. Also, not a fan of no-look holstering. Oh it may look cool in the movies. But in the real world the only people who might need to do this are the police. If you have a subject to cuff, you may not want to take your eye off him. Or, better, wait for help.

3 Responses to “On speed holstering”

  1. kahr40 Says:

    If you have a reason to draw your weapon you shouldn’t holster it until their is no longer a threat. If there is no longer a threat, why not look down at it to safely holster?

  2. petro45acp Says:

    Is speed holstering really a thing? Threat gone, holster. If holstering requires a look, even when unconcealed, get better gear (holster top should stay open when empty). Kydex is not really an issue, but unreenforced leather could be problematic. Or, get more training/practice.

    If training transition rifle to pistol, then back to rifle, the holster is likely a utility type and geared to easy reholster. Keep the booger hook……

    .02, YMMV

  3. JTC Says:

    Yeah, you’d think the average toter would be way more concerned speedy un-holstering than re-holstering.