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And I’m back

The May through June timeline at casa de Unc is full of birthdays and, obviously, various holidays. So, most of the last week was spent accordingly. Blogging to resume soon.

And Junior is now of age to get a learner’s permit. Where did that 15 years go?

5 Responses to “And I’m back”

  1. Will Brown Says:

    A frequently laugh-out-loud funny portion of those years can be found archived on Vicious Circle.




    seem representative.

    I don’t know why the link isn’t happening; you’ll have to do your own cut-n-paste.

  2. Will Brown Says:

    Figures. 🙂

  3. Ritchie Says:

    When another car is entering the 2 lane highway you’re on, watch their front wheel to see if they’re headed for the inside or outside lane. After all these years, that’s all I got.

  4. Jerry Gibbs Says:

    Just hug her, and kiss her on the noggin. Babys grow up to damn fast these days.

  5. JTC Says:

    My sweet, beautiful, talented (no bias from me) grandgirl at fifteen skipped terra firma transport and started flying lessons, intent on flying the big ones in several years (yuge shortage of pilots going forward with special focus on bringing more females on board as it were). So when she turned 17 this year (the required minimum) she was ready for her private license.

    And yet she still doesn’t have a driver’s license. When I asked her why her lack of interest in that, she said “Because I don’t wanna die”. Seems a little counterintuitive as she flits across the Florida sky
    in a Cessna (or these days more her favorite low-wing which she says wants to fly whereas the with the 172 you have to make it fly).

    And yet she’s not wrong. Anybody who has navigate the labyrinth of highways and interstates around her North Tampa and St Pete home base will understand that, and some statistics vis a vis private car and private plane incidents confirms it.

    So she will graduate HS next year with dual degrees from her Christian high school and an Associate’s in Business, then on to Christian Southeastern University in Lakeland which has partnered with a regional carrier for a major school specifically gear to producing commercial pilots for the industry. Pretty awesome accomplishments and career path and a pretty proud Papa!

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