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Lobbying expenditures

The NRA doesn’t spend all that much compared to other organizations.

5 Responses to “Lobbying expenditures”

  1. Matt D Says:

    They don’t really need to. The NRA’s power is because they can deliver votes, not money. It doesn’t take a lot of lobbying hours to say “Hi Senator McFoolish. If you vote for this, we’re going to tell our members you suck”.

  2. JTC Says:

    Not a good thing. Many dollars spent on other shit that does not further the cause. A “lobby” is just another word for advocacy, and that’s their job. Maybe they’ll get back to it once they finish their internecine warfare.

  3. Will Says:

    The NRA needs an internal clean sweep. The officers need to be relocated to the street or jail, along with some of the Board members, it seems.

    Business-as-usual will no longer be acceptable. The long term business was apparently to enrich the management, with lip service to the 2nd Amendment.

    The NRA has been helping to push gun control legislation since the early days. At some point, they discovered that they could scam the public into paying them to appear to fight bad laws. F’ing worthless scum. Life Member for decades. Waste of money, it turns out.

    Waiting for NY to lower the boom on the management. Wondering if anything can be salvaged afterward.

    Good thing Dueling was outlawed.

  4. mikee Says:

    If the recent corruption scandal doesn’t result in a full airing of grievances and correction of malfeasance and self-serving, there will be even less to spend on lobbying and voter education.

  5. Patrick Says:

    NRA doesn’t spend money on lobbying because they just get membership to carpet lawmaker offices with ‘citizen communications’ at almost no cost.

    Besides, how else do you expect them to fund multiple tiers of reach-around contractors, kickbacks, nepotism, cronysim, plush trips, fancy clothing, private planes, hookers and blow?

    Sheesh. Show some respect, people.

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