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Virginia Beach Mass Shooting

12 are dead after a disgruntled employee showed up to work with a handgun. The shooter used lawfully purchased handguns. And used at least one suppressor. I do not know if the suppressors were purchased legally.

Not one gun law proposed by any of the Democrat contenders would have stopped this.

2 Responses to “Virginia Beach Mass Shooting”

  1. Miles Says:

    We may be being fed incorrect info.

    The report from the Police Chief and only at the first press conference the night of the crime was that a ‘sound suppressor’ was used.

    After that there has been no mention of a suppressor by the Chief, nor by the ATF SAIC at a press conference Saturday after they had traced the guns and stated the shooter had lawfully purchased them.

    I can guarandamntee you that if a NFA item had been used, the ATF would have announced that loud and clear.

    I think that the shooter put a compensator on one gun and when a cop saw it, mis-identified it.

    I come to that conclusion because everyone has seen the tiny prop fake silencers that Hollywood uses in the movies and most cops are not the weapons experts many people think they are.

  2. Dave L. Says:

    Compensator…that’s pretty much the opposite of a suppressor, in my experience.

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