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But I was assured he was pro gun

First, he directs a department to unconstitutionally change regulations to make “bump stocks” into “machine guns”. Now, the president on silencers:

Q The suspect in the Virginia Beach shooting used a silencer on his weapon. Do you believe that silencers should be restricted?

THE PRESIDENT: I dont like them at all.

Sure, it’s not a call for legislative or executive action. But I see he’s not going to be a friend in this area. Despite his liking suppressors.

9 Responses to “But I was assured he was pro gun”

  1. Miles Says:

    It confirms that Trump has the personality trait of almost reflexively answering a question with the first thing that pops into his head.

    He’s not going to change that ingrained habit

    We’ll see what he says after Don jr tells him that ‘silencer’ is just the legal name for those suppressors he likes.

  2. wizardpc Says:

    I was promised the hearing protection act and national reciprocity.

    I got a bumpstock ban.

    And now this? WTFF?

    My 2012 Presidential choice was between a guy who had permanently banned “assault weapons” on one side and Barack Obama on the other. Is 2020 going to be between the guy that bans semi-automatics and Kamala Harris?

  3. Ray Says:

    Trump will win because the omni-party needs an (R) to start gun confiscation. Trump is and always was a NEW YORK Yankee gun hater. He supported the Clinton Ban. In fact he has publicly supported EVERY gun ban or anti gun law that has popped up in his lifetime. TRUMP IS NOT OUR FRIEND! The “Red flag” laws were his idea. The federal red flag law is being written and sponsored by the REPUBLICAN PARTY. Trump has stated that “I WILL SIGHN ANY GUN CONFICATION LAW YOU CAN PASS OUT OF THE CONGRESS. Vote Trump at your own risk.

  4. wizardpc Says:

    Also: all you heifers that said “why fight tje bumpstock ban? Bumpstocks are stupid!”

    This. This is why.

  5. Jay Dee Says:

    Actually we can work with this.

    Silencers are a Hollywood creation; mythical devices that magically render the sound of a gun shot completely inaudible. Anyone with a basic knowledge of physics know that such devices are impossible.

    Suppressors on the other hand reduce the sound of a gun shot to a jack hammer level.

    How about we create a law that bans silencers; devices that reduce muzzle blast below 60 decibels. Any device that reduces the noise level to something above 60 decibels is a suppressor and can be freely sold, possessed and used.

  6. Richard Popkin Says:

    Why donít we just not pass any more anti gun laws, dispense with the ones that are unconstitutional and enforce what is left?

  7. Lyle Says:

    We’re being offered false choices. You can side with the “good cop” or the “bad cop” and either way you’ll end up in the same place. The “two sides” pretend to be adversaries working on concert.

    Go ahed and download Trump’s inaugural speech. Try to forget who’s mouth the words came out of, forget yr emotions and scientifically Fisk the speech. Discern the ideology behind it, and you’ll see that it’s pure national socialism, mixed with a little bit of fascism, straight down the line. No exceptions.

    What appears to be anti-swamp is a clever swamp creature tactician, playing your emotions.

    The job of the Republican Party is to give us some hope, in spite of what our eyes and ears are telling us, so we’ll continue to play along until the infrastructure of tyranny is fully operational (Emperor Palpatine connotation intended) . They are the heat regulators to the proverbial frog pot, keeping it from boiling too soon. In the end we’ll have willingly supported that infrastructure of tyranny, playing a part in our own undoing, thus being dragged into the pit of culpability right along the chief perpetrators. The “only option”, we’ve been trained to believe, to the tyranny of the Democrats is the ally of the Democrats, the Republican tyranny which we are to embrace enthusiastically lest we be deemed “fence sitters” and thus ostracized from polite society. Our participation in this evil is sweet and nutritious for the dark side.

  8. Michael Says:

    He is not an ally. He is an uninformed fool.

  9. Joat Says:

    Jay Dee that would be as good as a total ban, the BATFU would just have mouse fart loads made up that just barely move the projectile out of the barrel, and then even guns without a suppressor would be on the ban list.

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