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Welcome to America

A judge has ruled the California magazine restrictions unconstitutional.

Via Joe, where I saw this too:

A fucking southern California Latin American judge just cited fighting Communism as a valid reason for owning standard capacity magazines and has just struck down Californias magazine size limit ban.WHAT FUCKING DIMENSION DID I JUST ENTER INTO?

3 Responses to “Welcome to America”

  1. Fz Says:

    He didn’t say ‘communists’

    he DID say ‘AntiFa’ and that 10 rounds will not be enough.

  2. Skip Says:

    AG filed a appeal the same day. if it goes to the 9th circus it will it may die if they won’t take it.

  3. docmerlin Says:

    @Skip the 9th has to take it, circuit courts have to hear nearly every appeal. Its likely they will take the case, and depending on the makeup of judges on the panel it may get strange, so we need to enjoy it while it lasts.