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Little reason not to

Why you should carry a big gun. Obviously, it depends on your style of dress and other factors but I carry a full-sized with ALL THE BULLETS every day.

20 Responses to “Little reason not to”

  1. Richard Says:

    It is better than that. Opinion by Ginsberg cited McDonald 4 times. Are they finally recognizing this as precedent. At any rate in gives conservatives a lever when the 2A hits the Court the next time. Also Gorsuch signing on to P&I is good news.

  2. pkoning Says:

    Makes sense. One point that’s not totally clear is: does “big” mean “lots of rounds” or “big rounds”? I think, given the scenarios discussed, “lots of adequate sized rounds” is the answer.

  3. Matthew Fulghum Says:

    the P320 full size, with 17 rounders, does fine AIWB in my opinion. would the compact or sub be easier? probably, but I’ve got plenty of what Tam calls “gun burkhas” in the closet, and the most dangerous places I find myself these days are public boat ramps; river people are some sketchy folks in the state to your south. Even then, I’m more likely to run into feral pigs courtesy of white trash “hunters” turning them loose a few years back.

  4. Divemedic Says:

    One reason: I live in Florida where, most of the time, you don’t wear enough clothes to conceal anything larger than a J frame or a Shield.

  5. tincankilla Says:

    > FBI stats: 3 shots on average from 3 feet on average
    > the P365 is tiny and has 10+1 rounds; the G43 is tiny with 6+1; G43X and G48 each have 10+1

    Big doesn’t mean all that much.

  6. Ravenwood Says:

    I usually carry my Sig P229 with an extra mag, but sometimes carry a P226 which has a larger frame and magazine.

    I’m trying to figure out a way to carry my Ruger Super Redhawk .44 Magnum revolver somewhat discreetly.

  7. Roadkill Says:

    I carry a p365 with a spare mag. It shoots like a bigger gun. They could likely get away with making a version with a longer barrel and grip and end up with 14 or 15rd mags without adding much size.

  8. JTC Says:

    @tincankilla, yeah that popo dude puts out bad stats and pretty bad writing too. And what he calls bullshit in his first line is actually the most critical truth, that the gun you have if (and that’s a big if, his comments on that are silly too) is the best one you will ever have.

    Oh, and “Big doesn’t mean all that much.”

    Heh. Been tellin’ that to wifey for damn near 50 years.

  9. Michael Quinn Says:

    @tincankilla You’re probably right about size and round count. But, if you’re drawing your gun and pulling the trigger your day has already taken a stroll a long way out the tail end of the bell curve. No harm in adding every advantage you can.

  10. Sigivald Says:

    If I ever get off my ass and bother to carry, it won’t be a Giant Pistol With Every Bulletz.

    Because big and heavy and I don’t need that in my life; probably a compact .380, like an LCP or equivalent.

    (“Gun you have beats no gun because annoying”, is true. More power to anyone who wants to carry a full-size and extra mags, though.)

  11. rickn8or Says:

    Roadkill: Oh. You mean like a Browning Hi-Power?

    *runz* Uh, make that *shuffles*

  12. Will Says:


    Bianchi X-15, in the appropriate length for your hogleg.
    Requires a blousie jacket for concealment, like a bush jacket or BDU type. A shoulder rig (vertical) is pretty much the only practical option, due to weight and size.

  13. JTC Says:

    As to my comment above and Sigivald’s subsequent and very pertinent one, I remembered this from back in the day at the old dead blog:

    OTOH, further to Sigivald’s other quip: “More power (heh) to anyone who wants to carry a full-size and extra mags…”

    Well maybe not anyone but if someone who actually knows how and when to use it -and not some pathetic and dangerous wannabe sheepdog of which I made many acquaintance in forty years behind the gun counter- happens to be there when the SHTF enabling me and my mouse gun or old Cobra snubbie to back up or back out, I’m all for it.

  14. Lyle Says:

    I look at the question as being, Why carry a smaller gun? If a smaller gun fits you, and you can shoot with it every bit as well as you can shoot with a full sized gun, and you have one thatís every bit as reliable as a full frame gun, then there’s an answer. Otherwise the answer is, There’s usually no reason to carry a smaller gun. Maybe only sometimes.

    Also, a “Gun Burka” can be as simple and commonplace as an un-tucked shirt, designed to be worn un-tucked (even at the beach, wearing shorts) or a sport jacket, et al. I’m 5′ 10″/170 and I can wear a Glock 20 under a sport jacket and it’s no problem (unless you hug me on that particular side, and so if I hug I tend to sort of present the weak side). Been doin’ it for years and years and years.

    After surgery for appendicitis I carried a Sig P150 for a while, because I couldn’t stand the weight of a full sized in that part of the body. Then I discovered suspenders, and all was well, even during the latter part of recovery (I kept wearing the suspenders too, because now Iíve decided I like them). So there was one good reason, for a short while, to carry a little gun.

    I do carry a mini revolver in my pocket, but thatís just for fun.

  15. wizardpc Says:

    Whenever this comes up, you can always tell the difference between people who will not suffer any consequences from being “made” and people who will.

    For years I worked a corporate job where it was not illegal to carry, but it would get you fired and probably blacklisted in the industry if you were caught. Debating a glock 43 vs a glock 20 is ridiculous in that context.

  16. KM Says:

    Ohmygerd! 40 “mass shootings” from ’14-’15!…in a country with 300mil+ people.
    I guess I should panic up and await the carnage. Or I could spend my time scanning the skies and worrying about the next meteor strike. Tough choice.

    My EDC G26 is plenty accurate for the job, holds enough to make me happy and get me to the closest exit.
    If a mall attack starts, I’m heading out while calling 911. Everyone else is one their own with their carry gun of choice.

  17. Jerry Gibbs Says:

    These days, either a Ruger P345, or a Security 9. I’ve been carrying, with approval from the State I reside in, for as long as I care to admit. Bigger is not impossible.

  18. FormerFlyer Says:

    “Why You Should Carry a Big Gun as Your EDC” said nobody who’s ever worked in a “C-suite” or “V-suite” office in any sizeable company. Trust me, getting found out is a career ender. A “J” frame or LCP in very, very deep concealment you MIGHT risk.

    Carry the biggest gun you can completely conceal all day, every day, and NEVER get caught. Everything else is eye-wash and horse-feathers!

    “Dress around the gun” is useless advice for most people with careers, too. If you don’t dress in appropriate business attire, if you don’t doff your jacket when hot or in long meetings, if you never let a coworker hug you at an office birthday or baby shower, they’re gonna figure out why, or figure you’re a nutcase, EITHER of which will kill that career.

    I love EDC advice from people who’ve never had a career worth risking. Real relevant.

  19. FormerFlyer Says:

    To add to the above, I have no problem with anyone carrying a larger weapon. If they can in their circumstances, more power to them. But ALMOST nobody who works at a traditional office job can get away with any but the smallest carry guns, and that’s a hell of a risk too.

    Even when I worked for a major firearms distributor headquartered in an unbelievably gun friendly state, getting caught with a gun at work was an immediate termination offense. NOBODY in corporate America is allowed to EVER get caught.

  20. JTC Says:

    Meanwhile, EDC advice from people who tremble in fear and sell their Constitutional rights for a job make great RINOS and expose what their freedoms and soul are really worth in the only career that really matters…zip.