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Bump stock ban struck down

In Cincinnati. Seems the state’s preemption law is why.

2 Responses to “Bump stock ban struck down”

  1. ParatrooperJJ Says:

    Yep. Also the one in Columbus was struck down last year.

  2. Andrew Says:

    Some years back, right after Ohio-land got “Concealed Carry”, a few cities including (the one next to me) Columbus decided they wanted to have “magazine capacity limits”. The AG at the time said “fine, just remember your PD employees are citizens when the clock out.”
    Which was great, originally they wanted to have it be 10 shots and that meant pretty much everybody who wore a badge would have to leave their “duty magazines” at work and get some “low capacity” ones to ride to and from home with.
    Before the State declared no city could be stricter than the State, Columbus grudgingly had to agree to a 20 shot “limit” for that reason.

    But thankfully Ohio has also finally declared a “loaded magazine” isn’t a “loaded gun” anymore. And also the arbitrary state limit of “30+1” is gone.