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Background checks stop nothing. Spread that one far and wide. It’s good.

3 Responses to “True”

  1. robb wenz Says:

    And the building had a No guns allowed sign.

  2. B Dubya Says:

    Possession of a handgun by this felon results in 2 more felonies. He made false statements on his application(s) for the firearm and the license to carry AND, simple possession of a firearm by this person was also a felony.
    The laws are on the books for this crap. Enforcement should have included seizure of the pistol and arrest and confinement of the felon. Neither happened.
    Background checks are kabuki theater designed to aid in the eventual confiscation of firearms from the law abiding.
    We continue to place our faith in a Supreme Court that will somehow make all of the 2nd amendment violations and challenges go away. Not with Roberts at its head.

  3. Lyle Says:

    I seem to recall having no trouble at all getting alcohol as a minor. Far from it. The challenge instead was more along the lines of how to turn it down (at which I failed regularly).

    But let’s not make the mistake of saying that gun control doesn’t work. Prohibition worked perfectly in the 1920s, and gun control (along with drug laws) works pretty well now.

    Oh wait; you didn’t think its purpose was to reduce crime and increase safety, did you? Well bless your little heart, you poor dear.

    Let’s not begin to discuss whether gun restrictions and other encroachments on the Bill of Rights “work” until we’ve identified their purpose beyond a reasonable doubt.