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A case to watch


Right to Carry Guns in Public Headed for Ninth Circuit En Banc

A panel decision had said there is such a right to carry (though the state can decide whether people must carry openly or may carry concealed); the Ninth Circuit has just agreed to rehear the matter with an 11-judge panel.

One Response to “A case to watch”

  1. Lyle Says:

    If it were regarded as a right, it would never be sent to a panel of judges for reconsideration. The mere fact that it’s going to court then is a violation of the right. It assumes that judges have any authority to decide on such matters. If it be truly a right then, by definition, they have no authority over it.

    One or more of the state’s constitutional affirmations of the right to keep and bear arms uses the words, “shall not be questioned” to describe the right. Here we have an on-going “questioning”, which is in and of itself is a violation.

    “Shall not be questioned” is stronger language than “shall not be infringed” because one cannot arrive at the issue of infringement without first committing the crime of questioning the right.

    When authoritarians get together to question our rights, and to discuss the tactics of violating those rights, they are conspiring to deprive rights. That is a federal crime. They are organized crime.

    So long as we tolerate them in our midst, we are in deadly danger. It’s as simple as that, and so unless we are willing to round them up and expel them from the country, whenever and where ever they appear, we will lose. Therefore we will lose. It is absolutely certain.