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I like them

Weaponlights: Do They Belong on a CCW Gun?

But you’ll give away your position!!!!!!!!!!111111111eleven

5 Responses to “I like them”

  1. Lyle Says:

    I believe they usually come with switches. I don’t know; maybe mine is a special model but it has a switch so you can use it, or not use it, at your discretion.

  2. Phelps Says:

    If they donít know your position, your life is not in danger and you have no reason to shoot.

    Donít be a ninja. That way lies becoming joe rogan.

  3. Mike Says:

    Like many other things related to concealed carry, if you train properly with them they’re good, and if you don’t they’re not so good.

  4. JimB Says:

    If you shoot something or someone you couldn’t see you might not like the results.

  5. Pastafarian Says:

    This issue is something I’ve always struggled with, because when I make decisions about carry or home-defense system options, the biggest thing I have to factor in is my own stupidity, carelessness, lack of training, and failure to practice.

    So, for example, I prefer pistols with an external safety, because I know that in a high-stress situation, I’m not going to have good trigger finger discipline, and I’ll end up shooting my dick off. It might cost me a half-second of time if I ever had to defend myself, but for me, given my limitations, that seems a good trade-off, based on the relative probabilities of the two events (negligent discharge vs gun fight.)

    And with gun-mounted lights, my biggest fear here is that I’d end up using my weapon as a flashlight and point it at someone to see who they are. I have a flashlight next to my home defense weapon, so I could only shoot it one-handed, but again, for me, that seems like the safer option. I make it to the range maybe twice a year. If I were Tamara Keel, who must shoot tens of thousands of rounds a year, takes training frequently, knows how to bounce the light off of floors and walls, and would remember to do that in a pressure situation, then yeah, weapons mounted lights are a great idea, particularly these days, with super-bright compact long-battery-life LED lights all over the place.