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He’s right, you know

There is no such thing as an assault weapon’: Spokane Sheriff Knezovich discusses I-1639

3 Responses to “He’s right, you know”

  1. Lyle Says:

    Interesting. I spoke to a very meek, mild-mannered preacher about this last week, startng with the StG-44 as the example and namesake for “Assault Rifle“. I expected him to get all flustered and start arguing and throwing up flak, as is the usual response, making me into the issue, rather than staying on point, as is a common tactic. In the past I’ve had mild-mannered, long-term “friends” get all red-faced and hateful, like flipping a switch from “easy going and nice” to “batshit” in a second, when I bring these things up. Instead, this guy absorbed the information like a sponge, even asking questions, making sure he understood the distinctions correctly. It was refreshing.

    On the flip side; just don’t make the mistake of expecting truth to sway the committed leftist. Like as not it will make them even more pissed and crazy and full of hate. They’ll target you for destruction as a result, and then you’ll know that you’re probably on the right track. Just be nice about it, allowing the sword of truth to do the cutting all by itself.

    When you speak the truth, do it with the purpose of giving people a chance to see it, to like what they see, and eventually adopt it– Some people have simply never heard the truth, and may welcome it.

    Understand though, that some people will never except it even if they do recognize it, while still others know the truth very well and hate it for exactly what it is (the admonition of their lives and a primary threat to their position, status, rank, goals and tactics).

  2. hist_ed Says:

    I-1639 designated any semi-auto rifle an “assault weapon.” A tube fed 6 shot .22 is an assault weapon.
    A lot of sheriffs have said they will not enforce any provision of this law.

  3. Ron W Says:

    “Assault” is either a criminal act or an offensive military tactic for which full-autos are useful. Semi-auto rifles are excellent self defense weapons which is why many authoritarian politicians want them banned along with their “useful idiots”. That results in a government “monopoly of violence”.