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Don’t dig the rig but . . .

VA senator open carries to the chamber:

The first-term senator a fan of government transparency and opponent of the Equal Rights Amendment said she wore the gun following an incident Monday in which Capitol Police were called after immigration-rights supporters confronted Sen. Dick Black, R-Loudoun.

Chase said she always carries her gun in concealed fashion but decided Tuesday was a good day to carry openly when she presented her bills in the Senate Privileges and Elections Committee. Her legislation included an alternative to the Equal Rights Amendment resolution that reaffirms equal protection under the law.

4 Responses to “Don’t dig the rig but . . .”

  1. Gladorn Says:

    I saw this article, and I thought the same thing about the holster.

    So… What type of OWB holster should a State Senator have for a revolver? I’d have no problem paying for one and having it sent to her office. She supports the 2nd, we should support her.

    Sen. Amanda Chase is on the radio, 820AM “The Answer” on Friday evenings. I’ve listened to her a few times, I like what she has to say.

  2. Ravenwood Says:

    I met Sen. Chase yesterday morning during the Virginia Legislature’s “Lobby Day” and she was carrying then and is adamantly pro-gun. She told me that other republicans were asking her to tone it down and think of the “optics”, but she essentially said she didn’t care about the optics. She said that Republicans are routinely receiving threats and that she is willing and prepared to defend herself if necessary.

    Oh, and she’s also a Hokie. Love that woman!

  3. Ravenwood Says:

    Another interesting tidbit, concealed handgun permit holders can legally carry guns in our state capitol (but knives are banned), and we still have to go through the metal detectors.

    So to get into the state capitol, I had to take all the metal (except my gun) out of my pockets and put it into the bin to go through the x-ray machine. I step through the metal detector wearing my gun and hand the credentials to the uniformed officer. He then wands me down (half assed) ignoring my firearm. I gather my belongings and then go.

    The guy wanding me knew it was all for show and he was barely doing it. He was more interested in asking me how cold it was outside and if the line still stretched around the building.

  4. RandyGC Says:

    “What type of OWB holster should a State Senator have for a revolver?”

    I’m firm believer that any handgun being opened carried should be in a retention holster of some sort. At the very least it should have a thumb break.

    I have one (Gould and Goodrich) for my S&W Model 19 that a friend lifted me off the ground while trying to take it out during retention training, but with the right movement the gun comes out fast and clean.