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Must smear

The narrative is that “OMG Rand Paul is going up to Canuckistan to have a surgery and he has a hate boner for socialized medicine“.

Not until you get to paragraph 8 do they tell you he’s paying cash.

6 Responses to “Must smear”

  1. Lyle Says:

    One goes where one finds the specialist he prefers and for the right price, I would think. That’s an unknown concept to some people though. Once upon a time it was referred to as “liberty” or “the free market”, or some such archaic term having a vanishing relationship to “modern” thought.

    It’s good for him that he can afford it, being as he is supported by us taxpayers of lesser means.

  2. kahr40 Says:

    …at a private hospital.

  3. JTC Says:

    Question still begs, as a medical doctor himself he has decided either that the quality of the service at this one particular provider is worth paying the full check out of pocket, or if the 75% coverage he qualifies for through his MOC group plan is still not enough to offset the lower price there in Canuckistan?

  4. JTC Says:

    Or has he out of principle decided to go without health insurance at all since the plans that cover him and his staff receive the same subsidy as other O-care policies…anyone know?

    Something stinks. Follow the money. Always.

  5. docmerlin Says:

    “or if the 75% coverage he qualifies for through his MOC group plan is still not enough to offset the lower price there in Canuckistan?”
    – its due to an attack so he can make his attacker pay

  6. JTC Says:

    Payment source is irrelevant to my point of questioning whether the choice was an economic or proficiency-based one, which has implications for all of us.

    It is my guess that a comparable procedure at a top facility here would carry a “retail” tag of several times the amount quoted here, maybe 25,000. That is mostly irrelevant since insurance companies decide what to pay for those who are insured, and those who are not insured largely don’t pay anything at all. Dumbass system mostly based on getting subsidies, “indigent” care is much like illegal immigration in that regard, the reward to the institution is based on welfare and fraud.

    Thing is, the charge at the Canadian place must be about the same for the Senator as a walk-in uninsured as to the amount paid for a covered individual whether insurance or gov based.

    Why is that, and how does it play into not just Rand’s choice but our whole system here…why the fuck don’t we just have some reasonable and standard charges regardless of whether we choose to self-nsure or buy coverage? It is the biggest question and obstacle to escaping government’s desire to control and returning reasonable choice to us for a thing that can wipe you out in a day no matter how careful you think you have been, and has the potential to wipe us all out through uncontrolled taxes to feed an insatiable demand.

    It’s a question Paul and his ilk need to be addressing for all of us, learning from and applying their own personal experience. But most don’t really give a shit as long as they are taken care of. We’ll see how he works this into his policy and positions.