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On the recent NRA hate

From the pro gun side, you should read this regarding the bump stock ban:

The language in the legislative ban included binary triggers, cranks, etc., and could also at some point be interpreted by ATF to include ANY aftermarket trigger and even be mangled to include semi-autos in general as having the capability to have rates of fire similar to machine guns and thus, be regulated. It would be a disaster. NRA pushed back hard, but guess whatthe legislators were reacting to public sentiment, and they had more than enough votes to pass it. It was going to come out of committee.

We (Magpul) yelled at our lobbyists to kill it. NSSF was trying to kill it. NRA was trying to kill it. ButTrump apparently dislikes two things in the firearms world: bumpfire stocks and elephant hunting, for reasons that are his own. So a veto was not happening. Sowhats your play? You can say No bans, not one inch and send out a fundraising email, and everyone would feel good about the NRA position, but the ban would have passed, and the Dems would potentially have everything they needed for a semi-auto ban already in law, ready to be interpreted nefariously.

8 Responses to “On the recent NRA hate”

  1. wizardpc Says:

    I’m still waiting for someone to explain to me how–while controlling both houses and the presidency–the GOP would simultaneously be unable to get a floor vote on the HPA and national reciprocity, but also unable to stop a gun control bill from becoming law.

  2. Jody Says:

    The NRA is anti 2A. It’s good for their business. Echo, echo, echo…

  3. Ben C Says:

    I said it here before: The ATF fiat bump stock ban was the NRA’s idea.

    If the NRA would have actually opposed it at any point then MAYBE it would have been stopped, but since they supported from the start it we’ll never know.

    Maybe Duane should go back to making good magazines and vapor-ware and stay out of politics if he wants to apologize for the one organization that has done more to get gun control laws on the books in the last 15 years and enrich themselves through regulatory capture for the last 30 than anybody else I can think of off hand.

    Still waiting on that Ruger American stock that actually works, Duane. Its only been 2 years now.

  4. Carl "Bear" Bussjaeger Says:

    Recent? I’ve been writing about the VNRA’s complicity/appeasement/compromising/incompetence for over twenty years. So have a lot of other people. What’s “recent” is that enough people are realizing it’s true to scare the VNRA.

  5. SPQR Says:

    And the point sails waaaaaay over some heads.

  6. JimBobElrod Says:

    @SPQR I agree. After reading the stupid, hate-fest comments at the link, I can only assume some of them are GunGrabber bots funded by Bloomberg. But hey, I try to avoid internet mobs at all cost.

  7. Will Says:

    The NRA needs a regime change. Nothing less will suffice. They are in it just for the money, and that is a function of their leadership. Toss them all, and clean house. (Life member here) Been pissed at their malfeasance for decades!

  8. SPQR Says: