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Gun Trends

It seems lately, a lot of the cool kids are switching to DA/SA guns. I still go back and forth but started carrying my Sig P229 a bit back. I did this primarily because I like AIWB as a concept. But don’t think I’d trust myself if I a moment required a hasty re-holster with striker fired gun.

5 Responses to “Gun Trends”

  1. Lyle Says:

    I guess we lost the language of previous generations, and so now we must say “DA/SA” rather than just “DA” which says the same thing, both distinguished from “DAO”.

    I have DA, DAO and striker in auto pistols, as I assume a lot of people do. Whatever fits you, shoots well for you and has good sights is a fine gun if it’s reliable. Action type isn’t terribly important, so long as it works.

    For 50 yards and farther, having a single action pull is nice (if it’s an awesome SA pull), but it isn’t the end of the world if you don’t have it, and that’s getting way out on the edge of the Venn Diagram circle for self defense anyway. Still; any well-rounded pistolero will be practicing now and then at 50 to 100 yards with the service calibers, and farther still for the magnums.

    What happened to the Glock “Gadget” or some such; the slide plate mechanism which gives you the ability to thumb the striker, essentially, while holstering? I though that was a keen idea, and it would solve your hesitation against using a striker fired with AIWB I should think, if you have a Glock.

  2. MattCFII Says:

    Lyle the Gadget is still on the market, after the initial Kickerstarter campaign the changed the name to the SCD (Striker Control Device). I AIWB and all my carry guns have them.

    I too got a Sig P229 because of foggy rememberance of how I used to shoot them better than Glocks, but first range trip out even the factory Glock trigger pistol was beating the Sig in single action LOL.

  3. Siegen Says:

    What scenario do you envision that would require a “hasty re-holster”?

  4. JTC Says:

    The Gadget is good and I have one on a 19, ironically it might be partly why I don’t carry it. But mostly just because for my purposes the old 13 oz Cobra that shares my birth year does DA/SA better than anything newer, and maybe not “better” for carry than the G19, but better for me for reasons, some logical and some not.

  5. Roger Says:

    DA, SA, DAO, Striker fired, I’ve owned & carried them all. Every day, all day for the past 18 years (God bless the Gunshine state)I looked up my records & there has been 3 snubby revolvers, 2 DA/SA pistols, 1 striker fired pistol, 1 DAO pistol & 3 SA pistols
    Presently and for the foreseeable future the Sig 229 is the primary pistol & a DAO Smith 640 for when the Sig is too large or pocket carry is mandated.
    What is as important as the hardware is the holster & belt for safety and comfort.